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Mage Hand shouldn't require concentration at all.
Yeah, my misstake ... poor wording. :-/
I mean until canceled.

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But its there, and you basically told Kethlar he shouldn't use it because that's not what Mage hand is for.
Nah ...
I stated that it shouldnt even do that ... instead it does something, but it sucks ...
And while it sucks, im personaly against it being better ... bcs even if it sucks, its still better than it should be. wink

And it seems reasonable to me that it sucks, since its not supposed to be used this way. wink
That is why i said it sucks, bcs its suppose to suck. wink

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you, as usual, had to act like a douche, thinking you were witty.
I mean its nice that you wish to stand up for someone. smile
It certainly grade(?) you up ... but if i can sugest you something, in the future, when you will do that again ... try to avoid the behavior you blame others for. smile

That is all i shall say on this matter, if you wish to continue. wink

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