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<Some people completely don't care about the size of the party or OTHER THINGS??>
Well, that sums up why cRPGs are shit these days LOL.
Anyways 90% of gamers probably dont care for RPGs. And for those who do would probably prefer single character Diablo like games with multiplayer and 3 classes made for mobile devices or consoles....so who cares. Right?

Its like OWLCAT offers something that includes nearly EVERYTHING for the RPG fan and people still complain that its too much make it simpler LOL. Im like NO NO add MORE!!!

This is where I'm at. I was playing through it early with my son watching/talking about it as we went, he's about the age I was when Baldur's Gate 2 was out.

Yes there are other way's to approach an RPG (Diablo, BG3, whatever) but for what WotR is, it's absolutely amazing.

Again, yes there are bugs and some balance issues here or there, but honestly once I came around to understanding the basic systems, I was floored.

Granted, that 2e D&D -> 3e -> 3.5 -> Pathfinder is my sweet spot, and so I love the Class/Build options, and I love the fact you can create your own companions (I havent even tried that yet) or that you can find all these interactions between the companions, and on and on and on.

Its just great, it really is, and I think it will go down as one of the great RPG's of all time.

If Pathfinder has taught me anything about game balance is that if you add enough options the game practically balances itself. As there are no strict "classes" you can pick, what works just works and ALOT of stuff works so balance be damned. The foundation of the player character is so wide whatever "class" you build with any design methodology will essentially work. The downside with that is it requires a base level of intelligence, understanding and interest to figure out workable builds. For some that in itself is enough to hold interest. Min/max crap is easy but a unique diverse workable fun build? Not so much, but when you find it - job satisfaction. Grammar be damned!!!! lol.