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I tried the 6 party size mod. Didn't work. Now my game crashes more frequently. Not sure if it's related, but I'm thinking of wiping out my game and reinstalling it because of this.

I hate mods for this reason. That's why I want Larian to just give us the option to go 6 party members. Don't make us have to play around with potentially game-crashing mods just so we can play the game with 6 party members. And even IF it did work, the stats for the monsters are still nerfed, so a party of 6 would make the game so easy that it'd be completely boring.

We need a party of 6 option AND a D&D 5e Core Rules & Stats option so that the monsters are tougher, like they should be, and therefore the game is not so easy with a party of 6.
I feel exactly the same way about mods. More often than not they are problematic. But I'm just not at all interested in playing this game without a 6-person party. frown