The more I play the game, the more the 4 party restriction bugs me. I have to frequently go back to camp, boot someone, invite another character, just so I can trigger certain dialogues and quests.

I play a fighter and don't need Lae'zel so much, but I have to boot someone else just to invite her so she will interrogate Zorru or interact with the Gith Patrol. I have to boot someone to make sure Wyll is in my party at the windmill and goblin camp to learn more about Mizora. I need to boot someone in Blighted Village school and statue to trigger Shadowheart dialogue.

And with my favorite party of 4 custom characters in multiplayer mode, I get NOTHING. I can't even trigger a SINGLE one of these dialogues. Not 1. Why? Because all 4 party slots are custom characters and I can't boot them to allow any origin characters at all.

It's frustrating.