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I tried the 6 party size mod. Didn't work. Now my game crashes more frequently. Not sure if it's related, but I'm thinking of wiping out my game and reinstalling it because of this.

I hate mods for this reason. That's why I want Larian to just give us the option to go 6 party members. Don't make us have to play around with potentially game-crashing mods just so we can play the game with 6 party members. And even IF it did work, the stats for the monsters are still nerfed, so a party of 6 would make the game so easy that it'd be completely boring.

We need a party of 6 option AND a D&D 5e Core Rules & Stats option so that the monsters are tougher, like they should be, and therefore the game is not so easy with a party of 6.

yeap i wanted this as well. not to mentioned the possibilities of mods abandonment. like newer patches may render some mods not working, etc. definitely in favor of 6 party characters in bg3. but too bad i don't think larian will budge. they are set in stone with their 4 party DOS2 formula. the 4 has a reason IMHO. they want to artificially make the game harder so that they have more enemies to bully you and if more party characters proven to be more fun in single player, that will be a disaster for larian as their theme for gather your party.. essentially for multiplayer. so no.. the way i see it they wont do it.