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Multiplayer Etiquette in Baldur’s Gate 3 – or Why I learned to Fear Self-Narrators.

I have hosted well over 100 games. Below is my takeaway.


-Discuss what kind of game you are playing beforehand, spicy, or laid back. What kind of party will you be? Heroes, Murdohobo’s, hoboheroes, Murderheroes, or Pacifists? Are we roleplaying? Killing all Companions (yes please!).

-Discuss what classes you are each playing. Not roles, just classes. 5E doesn’t really relegate people to roles.

-Make sure you have a good microphone and headset that doesn’t echo when other people speak and picks up your voice clearly.

-Make sure you have a direct connection to the internet and recently reset your router, do not use wi-fi if it can be avoided.

-If you plan to continue your adventures with a good group then create a save file (if hosting) with the names (discord, steam) of all players. Create a Discord group with those players to plan for future sessions.

-Mark your items you want sold as Wares (shift-left click). If you can, move them to the seller’s inventory.


-DON’T Self-Narrate – I have run into people in this game who must narrate everything they are doing. It is the most socially inept, narcissistic, and boorish thing another player can do. This is not to be confused with discussing the game, the systems, or other topics which everyone can be a party to. Self-narration is not anything anyone else can contribute to. This is the number one RED FLAG for someone you DO NOT want to be grouped with. You can usually catch this in character creation and end the game then.

-DON’T Take forever to take a turn. Honestly, I get you have new players and there are slow games for new players and that’s fine if its stated. However, you should always try to take your turn in a timely manner, and don’t wait until your turn to figure out what you are planning to do. Less than 30 seconds should be the standard here. I try to aim for 10-20. Occasional exceptions for complicated maneuvers are understandable. This can really bog down a game and players will start to leave. Funnily enough it's usually the self-narrators who take the longest because they are too busy self-narrating to think until their turn arrives.

-DON’T discuss politics/religion. Period!

-DON’T take things from other people’s inventory without asking/informing them. .

-DON’T run off and abandon everyone else without discussing it with the group. The point is to play together. If you are doing a short side mission alone, say something to your team.
Also DON’T run off and gobble up all the best items for yourself. Rude!

Although if Larian can develop the technology that would allow me to send "small" electric shocks to other players I feel we could really curb this behavior.

Even if i agree to certain little things to a degree, after reading this, you are on my list of people i do never, ever want to play with. Even thinking of hurting other people because some of their behavior does not suit your playstyle puts you in some dark corner of humanity.

It's really hard not write more without typing something i would regret, maybe. But this had to be said.

I was kidding obviously. The truth is we all have a lot of fun and joke around constantly. The solution we have come up with is to put together a separate discord server for us and for people who have a good sense of humor, good teamwork, and respect for those around them.

In a small group a single person can ruin the fun quickly.

Example, we started playing a game the other day and someone - without being prompted - went off about how LGBT people had a disease and so on. Came out of nowhere, we ended the run.

I have edited the original post so as not to cause you further emotional upset.

That you were kidding was clearly not obvious. And, sorry to say, your original post was a far shot from beeing respectful. You are issueing orders on how to play with you on an open forum. This was not phrased as an opinion nor as a suggetion to things maybe better avoided when playing with strangers.

You even used red tint and CAPS to emphasize that.

A lot of those things should be mentioned to said players personally and in your game (respectfully ofc), not on an official suggestion forum for the game. Why i think that?

Here is the answer: Have you ever even thought about the fact that there maybe people out here who actually like some of that behavior? Who like to play in groups that do exactly what you do not?

All in all in my opinion, if you wanted to make a post about how to play together better, your wording was not well chosen.

Only thing that i read out of that was a post from someone who wanted to tell the community how annoyed he was that people joined his games were not behaving like he wanted them to be. So he had to tell everyone how to do it right. See something? wink

(the electroshock "joke" was just a topping)

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