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I see ...
Well i would preffer to keep everything else as it is.

I mean it would be easier to ballance around middle ground.
Difficiulty settings was allready promised by Swen and if party size would be implemented as separate toggable option there ... i kinda see that as win/win scenario ...

Well... I would think it would be easier to start with the rule system that they are basing it on with a party size that works with the already established rules. Then tweak to fit whatever.

So, if a party of 6 with established 5e rules is balanced, start there and create party of 4 and tweak stats and rules. What they seem to be doing is balancing for a party of 4 and stripping the rules first.

That said, I've often actually wondered if they HAVE the full game with 5e rules already set and they aren't giving it to us because they know it works. So, because it's EA, they are actually only giving us homebrew nerfed rules to test them to see what works for 4 party and even down to single. In other words, we're the guinea pigs for OTHER difficulty settings.

A guy can hope anyway. 😁