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After reading this, i don't think you even understand what i am trying to say. Or you do not want to because you only see your aspect, which would again make it a topic for your multiplayer group, not one for a feedback and suggestion forum for the game. You make assumtions on my motives and expierience evne though you
mask by putting it in a question. Nice one. You are talking about compulsive needs of others and fail to see your own it seems.

You are entitled to your own preferences, as is everyone else. So play with the people you like to play with and don't put up rules for others on how to play the game or behave while playing it. You can do that in your personal space as i mentioned a few times before. Or try to use better wording and phrasing. Even then
it is not the right place for this post. If you had written this in "general" or "off-topic" i would not even have replied.

Obviously this "discussion" is going nowhere, so i go with Ragna and stop caring, guess thats for the best.

Ah-soo, it is as I thought. You are not one of the Multiplayer horde, you just saw something, decided to get offended and made sure you expressed that.

I just think your time could be better spent elsewhere - I am sure at this moment there is a Dave Chappelle joke out there that you could be trying to cancel. :P


assumtions based on what you think is right. This is pointless.