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Start? Maybe ...
But that thing happened few years back. laugh

Now it would mean to rework every encounter, start to test them and ballancing from the scratch ... just so they can start tweaking thins back. laugh

Not exactly effective solution if you ask me. :-/

Right. But my 2 points are that they mostly need reworking anyway especially once you lift the level cap, and I honestly have to wonder if they already have been working from this perspective. They're just not telling us.

See, the more I'm digging in, the more I see signs that the originally built encounters using a party of six and 5e rules. So it seems like they started that way and nerfed everything. That's one of the main points I keep trying to make. I don't think they'd have to "rework every encounter." They'd literally just need to keep all encounters as is and provide us with the stats and rules they originally started with. Yes, if they didn't save their original work, that could mean a lot of extra work, but I doubt they deleted all their previous work.

For example, Imps in the beginning, back before all patches and even for a few patches, had Resistance. I think it was patch 3 or 4 that they stripped them of this. So, literally, go back and give them back their Resistance. Same with Intellect Devourers.

And as far as party of 6 goes, all they'd have to do is change 1 number from 4 to 6, as it was once able to be done in the Mod that is provided in this thread. 1 number. That's it. Party of 6 enabled. Proper stats restored by simply giving them BACK what they had in the beginning. Game balanced.

But, again, I'm suspecting that they are actually NOT doing this because they WANT us to test out their homebrews for the purposes of Difficulty and Game Settings. And if that's the case, then I'm all for it. Certainly, if they gave us true 5e rules and party of 6, too many would likely just run with those and NOT help them tweak other difficulty settings. So, in that regard, IF that is what they are doing, then it is VERY smart and clever.

I'm just hoping that is exactly what they are doing. If not, then I'm calling for them to give us the options for party of 6 and 5e... but that's just me nagging like Lae'zel wanting us to go to the Gith Creche. smile