Dunno ... if you are right and they are allready working on it, then lucky you i gues. laugh
If you are wrong, then im affraid no power on Earth, Heavens, or Hells (maybe except WotC CEO) can force them. laugh

I know you see the signs ... im just not quite sure if you see them bcs you were right, or bcs you want to see them ... if you know what i mean.
From my perspective, the chances are aproximately simmilar to that Larian was simply guessing that "monster like this will be fine right here" ... then they let us play for few months, and find out 70% of people die there ... so they simply adjusted the monster.

That is clasic tuning in games and have nothing to do with 5e ... you see they indeed removed resistanc from Imps and Intellect devourers, but they also added even more HP to Githyanki patrol. O_o
Therefore i dare to say that they are simply working with data we provided them ... sometimes we are dying much more than they expected > monster get nerf ... and sometimes we die a much less than they expected > monster get buff.
We can only pray that those experience will help them to prepare all those encountners we will never be able to test. laugh

I agree with the statement that all they need is to change single number in code, yes.
The rest of is a little vague tho:
- You expect them to have proper 5e stats in early build (wich we dont know for sure)
- You expect them to have those stats still stored somewhere.
And the most problematic.
- You expect them to want this change. laugh
- As i mentioned earlier, you would be ballancing the game for 6 member party ...

Personaly i find the last point as most problematic, since for some people tutorial with full party might seem a little overwhelming, especialy those who have little or zero experience with CRPG. :-/
And yes i am aware that there will be in some distant future difficiulty settings ... but we dont have them right now. :-/
They would need to create some kind of adaptive dificiulty, when number of your enemies would be set by size of your party ... bcs, logialy, if you ballance your game for 6 people, those who will simply go with Tav and Lae'zel will be screwed. laugh :-/

Personaly i would be fine with just 6 members party ... i dont mind have combats a little faster (its not like there is any hard challenge right now anyway ... even Gith are quite easy when you are killing them for 20th time. :D) ... and once they start to implement difficiulty settings, it would be even better.

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