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Ah-soo, it is as I thought. You are not one of the Multiplayer horde, you just saw something, decided to get offended and made sure you expressed that.

I just think your time could be better spent elsewhere - I am sure at this moment there is a Dave Chappelle joke out there that you could be trying to cancel. :P


assumtions based on what you think is right. This is pointless.

Well again, this would fall to you to explain your position, which you have failed to do. I am not psychic. No one is.

In future if you have an objection I would invite you to better articulate that.

I would also invite you to make sure you have a common frame of reference with the other person - which you don't have. Said another way, I don't think you have the foggiest clue what the hell I am talking about because you have exactly zero experience in multiplayer, leadership or dealing with difficult players.

This compulsive self-narration is a new thing - in all my years as a Raid lead - dealing with 40 person groups together in discord I have not seen anything quite like this. Although it's likely that dealing with 4 person groups may be a contributing factor - an individual would not get a chance to behave that way in a 40 man group, the raid itself would shut them down, they would be quickly told not to talk over the raid lead and then muted (I had people to handle that sort of thing while I set up groups and provided instructions).

It was my hope to see if anyone else was experiencing something similar but I don't think anyone else hosts as much as I do.

So "thanks for your contribution."