Wow, just wow.

what do i have to proof? You are stating thing you assume. by what you write you clearly must be a psychic, since you know all about my playing expierience, Leadership expierience or dealings with other people. Wonder how you know that. In addition to that, you are totally ignorant of what i said it seems.

Most of what i said relates from simple common sense and doe not even has anything to do with expierience. I have my own thoughts about you but it is not really my style to start writing as if i know you. I know what you answered and that is enough for me.

That's why i called this pointless since you do not even try to understand my point of view. You are trying to strenghten your point not by argumenting but by trying do discredit me. Shown by suggesting about my expierience (which you know nothing about), My leadership skills (which you also know nothing about)

and my expierience with other players (which..oh know nothing about). Next thing you say is that "you do not think that anyone hosts as much as you do". By that you try to put yourself above all others. Kind of reminds me of your last president.

It was fun as long as it lasted but this is getting tedious.

In one thing we agree, my time IS better spent elsewhere.