Still very much enjoying the party of 6 playthrough. It's made me realize I've neglected Wyll on most playthroughs. I'm seeing dialogues I've never seen before, and I'm not sure if they're Patch 6 related or just that I haven't had Wyll in my party enough at various points.

For example, when talking to Zevlor after Kagha, Zevlor addresses Wyll and talks to him directly about going after the goblins. I've never seen that dialogue before because I don't think I've ever had Wyll with me at that point. I usually send him to camp because I'm already full up. During Raphael's scene, Wyll actually speaks to him and freaks out that he's a cambion. Is that just because he's apart of my party?

And here's a dialogue I've never seen before. Wyll says that he used to be very powerful, but now he's a weakling. Gale then responds that it's because of the tadpoles. They've left us completely weak and starting over, basically.

Thus, they confirm what I thought was the case the whole time but I've never seen anyone in the game actually say it. All the characters used to be super powerful, including Tav. However, they've been reset to Level 1 because of Tad the Tadpole.

Anyway, again, never saw these things before, and now I am seeing them... lots of new dialogue and such... all because we're traveling as one party of 6. It's REALLY a major highlight of this playthrough and has rekindled my love for the game.

I will say that I am noticing the characters inside one another more in dialogues. That is a not so cool element of party of 6. It's not that big a deal, but seeing Wyll, Astarion and Lae'zel all blended together during dialogues is a bit weird. Fix that and thus far I'd say we're golden.

BTW. I bought the Spellthief bow for Tav to try to buy yet another cool weapon to spread out amongst a party of 6. Dang! Had to sell almost all my cool potions and scrolls and such to get it. Now I'm really stretched thin on potions and revivify and so forth. Wyll, Gale and Astarion are still not really equipped with any good gear. smile Guess we'll see how party of 6 does without very many potions and revivify scrolls and such. I only have 6 healing potions in total and I sold ALL my revivify scrolls. Should be a good test. Will I need them or will the battles be so easy that I don't?