This one was co-built with Dreadyork and Krombopulous Skunk. It is the highest DPS build we are currently aware of.

Choose Shield Dwarf and the following stats

Class: Ranger

Starting Stats:
Str: 17 (20) with ASI and Hag's hair
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 8
Wis: 12
Cha: 8

Choose Entertainer or Soldier Background for Athletics, then grab Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand and Stealth.
Choose Ranger Knight
Choose Wasteland Wanderer Fire
Choose Two Weapon Fighting Style (Proficiency bonus damage to offhand weapon)
Choose Colossus Slayer

You are dual wielding Torches - Torches do 1d4 Bludgeoning Plus 1d4 fire damage and are light weapons.

-->You CAN apply Poison to Torches<--

Damage looks like this with Poison, Ring of Fire(+1 fire damage whenever fire damage is applied) and Colossus Slayer:

3d4 + 6 + 3d4 + 6 + 1d8 (colossus slayer) + Burning = 20-48 damage

It's important to note that Fiery Burning from the Gloves of Flint and Steel applies its Burn damage the round that it gets applied (if you fail your CON save) as if you had ALSO stepped in actual fire.

What we don't currently know is if you fail saves from BOTH torches if you get hit twice that same round. We are testing this now. It's a DC 8 Con save so its hard to fail (25% chance)

I also suspect that the Ring of Fire may be applying its damage to Hot little Hands in additional to the hits from the torches.

If you manage to be at range on round 1 and can get hunters mark on the target then it increased the damage by 2d6 plus they are Burning if they fail the con save.
So with Poison, Burning Fury, Hot Little Hands, Colossus Slayer and Hunters Mark

1d4 (Bludgeoning) + 1d4 (fire) + 1d4 (Poison) + 1 (Burning Fury + 5 (str modifier) + 1d4 (Hot little hands) + 1D6 (Hunter's Mark) +1d4 (OH Bludgeoning) + 1D4 (OH Fire) + 1D4 (OH Poison) +1 (Burning Fury) + 5 (OH Str modifier) + 1d8 (Colossus Slayer) + 1d6 (OH Hunters Mark).

Possible damage of 22- 59 damage!

See below for the damage from a single round attack using the action and bonus action. This did 43 damage and I am not certain what all the damage means. I think we actually broke the game with this build.

[Linked Image from]

Key Equipment:
Two Standard Torches
Scale Mail +1
Heavy Crossbow +1
Gloves of Flint and Steel
Ring of Fire
Crusher's Ring
Helmet of Grit
Broodmother's Revenge
Boots of Speed

I will update with additional information.

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