Glad we both respect each other's opinions: trust me, I get not wanting to need a mod to play a game a certain way. As to the inventory thing, for me it's not simply what's in the bags: it's managing six character's equipment, toolbars, keeping track of abilities and spells, etc. It's definitely one of those things which will vary by person.

I do have one question though, and it's a genuine question, not a challenge: do you think reverting stats to basic 5e would be enough? I've only been getting into CRPGs within the past 2-3 years, and one of the things I enjoy about the genre compared to JRPGs is that damage/heal numbers are not the biggest factors in winning a fight: without smart use of utility, you'll be pasted rather quickly. I'd think that when you effectively double your party size, your utility would increase substantially, requiring a considerable re-working of just about every encounter.

Or is it simply a matter of taking what you can get? (something else I am -very- acquainted with)