NSFW figure drawings of an Elf and Half-Elf (among the other D&D races) -> Here. I dig the earlier (late TSR-era?) inspiration in the faces; also, the builds are spot-on.

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Yeah for sure, I could definitely see that with the owl eyes. It's interesting when considering the LOTR elves, that like the single best performance was probably this one with Galadriel... right after the 'all shall love me and despair' line... in that sequence and heightened by the audio one of the things they do is dilate her pupils to the size of her iris and then kick in the blur for something that goes beyond human in the cast shadows. That whole scene caries the film I think as far as the elves in the depiction and seems the most fey. I capped it just to take a closer look at how the cast shadows and such gives off a more triangular vibe and more alien in the sweep. Just curious that even within the elves as human aesthetic, it worked pretty powerfully there to go with the eyes and do something there heheh

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That is what I call an animesque Galadriel. "Now we see you as you truly are.".