I have two new observations i would like to share with you ...

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But, that said, can't do 4 custom characters with party of 6 because I can't remove anyone from the party. So it won't let me add anyone else. 😒
Have you tryed to altern that first autosave game create?
I deleted my whole save folder, just to be sure (i would on next patch anyway, so no harm i gues) ...
Then i alterned my first (and curently only) save ...
And it worked like a charm.

I met Shadowheart, she joined me.
I met Astarion, he joined me.
I met Gale, he joined me.
I met Lae'zel, she joined me.
I met Wyll, he joined me.

No removing was necesary. wink


And second:
I just recently noticed some interesting ... im not sure how should i call it, basicaly i would say "bug" but since it only reaplied original rules, it was more like bug for mod that worked like a fix. laugh
Anyway ...
When i reached the cellar under Blighted Village and i clicked on Necromancy of Thei ... Shadowheart, Astarion, Lae'zel comented on it ... then i missclicked and put it back ... so i clicked it again and this time Shadowheart, Gale and Wyll comented on what i found.

So while this mod potentialy helps you see all conversations, i would dare to say that if more than one companion have coments prepared, game allways pick just some (by some key i dont know i gues).
Wich is yet another reason why i would like to see this option supported officialy, so situations like theese, where mod dont offer us full experience dont exists. frown


Its still awesome tho. laugh
Combat become so damn easy i could win it in my sleep mostly ... but that was part of the deal. smile

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown