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Hello, how do you like the idea of ​​making a 2 people squad? As in Mass Effect
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You can though. :] There is nothing stopping you from running with 3 companions at all! laugh

Fun fact: In PF:WotR, I (like most other people) ran with a full group. My brother on the other hand ran the game solo as much as possible (the exceptions were companion quests and quests that demanded companion presence). It worked out very well for him as he was much higher level than me when we were at the same points of the game. He also played on higher difficulty than I did (he played on Core, I played Standard/Normal), so yeah. c:

I do hope Larian will introduce an option regarding companion exp whenever you want to reserve all exp for the ones in the party exclusively (which would be of great benefit for those who want to play alone or with fewer than max companions), OR if you want to just divide it across all currently available companion-characters to mix and match as often as you like.

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Hoot hoot, stranger! Fairly new to CRPGs, but I tried my best to provide some feedback regardless! <3 Read it here: My Open Letter to Larian