Windmill fight against Fezzerk was SO much better with party of 6. Typically, this fight is hard for party of 4 unless you kill Fezzerk right away. So, I assumed I didn't know that, and I worked on fighting like I did the first time I every played it. I focused on taking out the mages and the baby gobbos while Lae'zel focused on the worgs with Tav (used default Tav Cleric of Selune).

SUCH a good fight with party of 6. I can't even begin to tell you. Wouldn't need to tweak this fight at all. Not even a little. It was faster and I still took a bit of a beating. Not super bad, mind you, but it was enough that now I need to long rest. Now, if the first fight you have at the grove gate were that good or better, then I'd feel more like I really saved the grove.

So, to be clear, the last time I long rested was at the grove. Took out the owlbear, goblins and ogres in Blighted Village, but nothing north of the bugbear sleeping. Also took out the skeletons in the necromancer's lair. Didn't do the spider lair yet.

So, relatively good amount of fighting before I'm feeling the need to long rest. Now that's an adventure! Not that party of 4 getting my butt kicked unless I stealth everything gameplay. I feel like I made some real progress and such in a single day, and if I was playing smarter and a bit more skilled at these kinds of games, I'd be able to get even farther in a single day. That's what I'm talking about.

Skeleton fight in the necro's lair, though, still needs serious tweaking. They need to unleash all 8 skeletons for that fight to be enjoyable. Ogres also need AI fixes. One just stood by and watched as we killed the rest. Still, though the ogre fight was MUCH easier, they still got in a good couple of whacks on my people and it required a short rest after.

And it was awesome when I picked up the necromancy of thay and had the characters interacting, all saying their bit. Very nice.

Anyway, I'm telling you, this is the way the game was meant to really be played. I don't know if I can ever go back. I may have to break my own rules continually and mod it forever if Larian doesn't make this truly apart of the game options.

I really still hope they do, though. My absolute ideal is to play with party of 4 custom and 2 origin characters at all times. That, I think, would be lots of fun. 4 Player multiplayer with 2 origins to do story content to enjoy the full experience with others.