All I have to say right now is that fighting the phase spiders with 6 was SO much fun. I didn't use the Larian gimmicks to beat her. I just wandered into her lair like I did on my first playthrough.

Party of 6 at level 4, it was fun, challenging, and not frustrating. I won, but it was still rough. I even long rested before entering the well. Did both fights without long resting again, but I had to short rest after the first fight. I even summoned an imp for Wyll and cat for Gale. First fight, several were close to being dropped. My Tav was healing hard. Second fight, she actually hatched ALL her eggs and Gale had like 4 HP at one point. Wyll had 6. Tav, Shadow, and Gale all expended all their spell slots but 1. Gale had enough to feather fall the party into the Underdark. Long rest definitely required after that.

Was it easier? Yes. Was it SO much more fun and less painful and frustrating with multiple attempts made just to beat it save scumming to win? Absolutely more fun. I feel like my characters are heroes instead of me being a save scum to win loser or I have to REALLY know the game to get through it.

So, you know what? The game can actually keep its mutant homebrew Misty Step Spitting Spiders. With a party of 6, it works really well. Would regular phase spiders be better? Eh. Maybe. Until I test it now with a party of 6, who can say for sure? All I know is, the spider lair was HUGELY better with 6.

So, Patch 7, give us party of 6 option and proper stats to test it out. Then we can say for sure one way or the other. 😁