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Just replayed the Auntie Ethel section of the game - it seems like Larian has finally added in "area-based fast-travel/resting restrictions" - is this new to Patch 6? I.e. you can't fast travel nor rest now while you're in Auntie Ethel's lair. The mini-map has this red border around it to indicate it.

I love it.

It really added some serious tension to the moment because I suddenly knew I couldn't blast away endlessly with spells. I believe if someone really wanted to, they can still backtrack out of the lair and go rest. But I think that's okay because you don't want to soft-lock some players (in case they get stuck without enough resources). It's the same in old school and contemporary games (BG2, WoTR).

I think it began in Patch 4. But I agree. They need to do it more often. Spider lair, goblin camp, etc.

If you are friendly with the goblins (you have not openly made the whole camp hostile), why not? For hostile places it makes definitely a sense, though.

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