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EDIT: and while not on the subject of owls nor elves, I do believe that image you shared would be a great contribution to the Halfling-feedback forum as well.

Share away, if you wish.

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Other than that, is the half-elf not slightly too tall by average? o.o

Compared to the Human and/or Elf, yes. The more I examine those figures, the more I think that the Elf and Half-Elf are fine...in a vacuum (i.e., free of comparison to the other races).

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[Linked Image from 64.media.tumblr.com]

Just want to shout this out as a rare example of a portly elf.

Few exceptions aside, they're a naturally hygienic and fit people: free from body hair, presumably free of bad body odor and rarely packing on the pounds. Usually, the deviations from expected Elf body types are the unusually tall and/or muscular specimens.

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I have to broadly agree with the OP that elves should stand out as more elvish, if possible.

There's one exception I explicitly want to stay in place, and that's Halsin. I have a bro-crush on him and don't want his design to change, LOL. So for his sake I guess let there be some bulky elves too.

As long as strongmen Elves are outliers, all is fine. It makes sense that Wood/Wild Elves are most likely to produce brawny individuals.

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Another NSFW example -> Here. These figures are a bit more stylized for my liking, but still decent. However, I don't think the Human looks quite as fitting when compared to the Elf and Half-Elf.
Body sizes and heights are quite fine here ...

Truly? I find that the Elf suffers greatly when placed next to the Dwarf; the Elf barely clears the Dwarf's height (Elves are frequently shorter than Humans, but they're clearly taller than Dwarves) and the disparity between their builds is almost comical. The other NSFW example of D&D races showcases differences, but those differences aren't nearly as exaggerated.