Everytime I see that male elf preset with a trapezoidal prism jaw still cracks me up after all this time. A bit like the ma-hoosive hands on the smaller races, I mean they must be 30% of the body mass of gnomes.

It would be nice if an attempt was made at accurate race models but I don't see it happening. Larian did a great job in DOS2 making races different but they took a running leap backwards with BG3. At this point I think they will be trying to complete the game this side of 2030 if in 6 months a new room and a class that was technically already in the code on release is the extent of the progress. <<< This being the actual evidence of progress not conjecture and psychotic optimism.

Expectations low, very low in fact. It would be nice to be surprised but at this point BG3 is a meme to me.