First off, thank you for creating this Editor! It has saved my friend and I a ton of time being able to respec our characters instead of starting over, since we had no idea what we were doing and this was our first playthrough.

My question about the editor is how the items tab works. I have found that I cannot add an item, just see what items are currently in the inventory. However, it seems that only a few types of items can be modified, specifically - Potions, Grenades and Scrolls. In my save this three items can be modified and have values changed, however, all of the other items (Loot, Arm, etc.) are greyed out and I am not able to change the quantity. I was wondering if this was by design or if I have a corrupted editor or save file. I started looking into this to get more sinew (or bow strings) but neither of those items can have their Quantity changed in the Editor. Thank you again for making such a great tool for us to use.