Issues i encounter:

1. Nere fight - after disarming attack seargant Thrinn i picked up the maces she droped, and deap gnomes that i was saving acused me of stealing and become hostile to me... laugh that one big stockholm syndrome to help their opressors...
Also a little bit annoying in this fight is that deep gnomes vision area make your party / characters do stealth rolls so its much harder to go behind enemy with thief hide and get advantage.

2. Adamentine Shield ( when enemy attack miss on you enemy goes reeling for 1 turn) a bit unlogical becouse If that enemy already attack in that turn that most of the time means he wont attack again ( he might if he have action surge like Baretha githyanki but still most of enemies in early access dont have 2x attack in their turn ) with means his next attack will be in next turn and due tu reeling from shield is only 1 turn means it will ends and the begging of the next turn = shield reeling usless on 99% on enemies.

3. Mournig Frost staff - frostbite effect ( i believe its going to be reworked ) at curent state: enemy become frostbite for 1 turn that deals +1dmg to next frost attack on that enemy. 1st problem 1 turn effect of frostbite will vanish in next turn when we can use another frost spell on that enemy. Ofcourse we can have more that 1 spellcaster in party to triger it OR use Quickened spell to use bonus action to cast spell to apply frostbite and then use ray of frost ( PHB rules no 2 spells in 1 turn...) but still that +1 dmg from legendary items feels like a joke ( i dont know mayby add some another effect to it for example if enemy alredy have frostbite and is attacked by another frost spell he become covered in thing ice preventing him from taking action in next turn? )

4. Cleric class is missing preaty important spell for that class : spiritual weapon

5. Trickstery domain cleric spell - Invoke duplicity is missing an ability to be moved by 30ft as a bonus action

6. After a fight if NPC is starting a dialog it would be nice to be able to choose who from our party will be talking instead of witch party member is closest to that NPC after fight. That would be small quality of life improvement becouse many talks after fight got some aprovall dialog options and for that your "main" char must be talking.. and its kinda tyiering to misty step to that npc to be sure that its your "main / Tav" talking.

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