Halsin in his bear form is being teased by very cute but malicious Goblin children (named "One", "Two", and "Three"). You are not forced to kill them to rescue Halsin; in the latest version, at least, you can simply tell them to leave before you free Halsin (which conveniently opens the Worg cages so the player can and must engage in some killing).

A number of the Goblins appear to be adolescents, but given that Goblins are supposed to multiply like flies, actual Goblin children are oddly scarce even in this game.

Creepy, vaguely sinister children are a recurring trope in BG3; our Intellect Devourer companion, "Us" communicates with and thinks with the sweet voice of an innocent child. If you played the present form of the Mol subplot, you.would hear those Tief child thieves suddenly become sinister. They (very slowly) threaten you in a malevolent manner if you repeatedly try to kill them, and whether you turn on them or not, brag about going on a theft spree when they reach Baldur's Gate. Unlike the in your face depiction of the Druids, you won't encounter this unless you find and rescue Mino from the Harpies and visit the Tiefling hideout.