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Thanks! I played through completion of the "saving Halsin" quest 2X, first with patch 3, then with patch 6. In patch 3 Nettie reached for a bundle of "Kelemvor's Blessing"(?), which my Druid immediately recognized as a lethally toxic plant. He explained through available dialog options to Nettie that he was still hoping for a cure, wherein her explanation of how the current outbreak differed from past isolated cases started. At the end of their conversation I agreed to her request that my Druid pledge to kill himself if symptoms developed; I saw it as a far more honorable and ethical response than ANYTHING I had seen from Astarion (who I killed after he revealed his painfully obvious vampirism) or from generally neutral Shadowheart. Larian's writers have significantly.improved their BG3 characters, or in the case of Shadowheart, made them far less opinionated and abrasive, largely in response to player complaints! Except for his horrific " frontier justice" comment (I'm from the US, and ftontier justice was mass genocide against Native Ameticans!) Wyll was very lukable

Sorry for slightly changing the topic but did you find any difference between Nettie in patch 3 and in patch 6 when playing as a druid?

In patch 6 she did not poison my drow (he did reply to her questions politely), at the end she just asked him to swear he would kill himself if he would turn. He did shamelessly lie to avoid complications and needless bloodshed. smile

Well, about "frontier justice" it was an unintended choice of words stemming from the general meaning of the term and the Wyll's nickname. It is an unpleasant association (mildly put) but I hope you will be able to separate the current context from the horrific historical event.

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