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Tieflings are explicitly described in the D&D 3 versions of the Monster Manual as predisposed towards evil because of their fiendish heritage,

They are not described such in 5e, which is our current setting. In fact, in 5e tieflings have no inherent good/evil axis alignment leaning at all – though they often end up pushed into selfish or more evil lifestyles as a result of undue ostracism and prejudice directed towards them by others...

Which, I hesitate to add but feel compelled to... your language indicates that you're the sort to be directly contributing to ^.^

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A quote from a doomguard from ToB

An interesting quote but one which is entirely unrelated to the individual's race, and is solely circling around their being a Doomguard, which is a completely race independent thing.

Specifically: “Alignment: Any | Races: All”

Likewise, if I put Arabella's parents out of their misery after Teela killed their darling thief, the Druids guarding the Sacred Grove and their bear turned hostile. If I killed Tiefs in the hollow, Arron (?) immediately tried to arrest my Tav.

To be clear.... You literally committed murder in broad daylight, and the residents of the grove who were charged with those people's protection take issue with you for doing this.

Let me say it again: You. Murdered. Innocent. People. In. Front. Of. Them.

If you expected *Anything* to come of that but to be put down like a rabid animal by the other residents of the grove, that's on you. They might not be happy about it, but these refugees are formally guests of, and under the protection of, the druids of this grove. And you attacked and murdered them. Yes: the druids will take issue with that. It would make zero sense for them not to.

I was able to kill Asharek, then talk my way out of arrest, leaving his bloody corpse while Tiefling trainees worked alongside with Wyll as if nothing had happened!

This is not an issue of druids and refugees – this is just plain and simple Larian's poor world system. It occurs literally everywhere in all of their games and is not at all related to the thing you're discussing.

Larian lets you kill Goblin children but Tiefling children are unkillable.

As long as you side with the goblins, Mol and her crew get very murdered and you can go and poke their dead bodies with sticks if you want to. You're right that the game doesn't let you do it, specifically; I agree that it's a poor form choice that lets you fight and kill goblin children, but flags the refugee children as KO only, for you... but they certain can be killed, and will be, if you make certain choices.


More personally:

I explained in painstaking detail how Larian's writers MANIPULATE AND RAILROAD, not FORCE, players to side with EITHER the Tieflings or the Goblins (and the Goblins leg spreader ally Minthara) against the Druids.

You ranted quite heavily, I'm afraid. While your points themselves had some decent amount of merit (and I will be very quick to say and agree that Larian's writing is ham-fisted, crude and poorly executed...), you mostly come off as a hateful and spiteful person who played the game a certain way, and then resented it; that may not have been your intention, I fully expect it wasn't, but your choice of language and phrasing created that impression. You could have made your points very well without resorting to the derogatory language and forms you opted to use (and are still using). The result was that it wasn't very convincing, on the whole. (And on a personal note, I'm especially not appreciating the sex-shaming – it's exceptionally uncalled for and inappropriate, so if you could stop that, I'd appreciate it)

You're strong contention seems to be that the game brow-beats you into hating the druids and pitting you against them and disliking them... well... No, it doesn't, I don't feel. That's on you. I've played through the game a number of times and I haven't ever found myself feeling inclined against the druids in any way, nor have I felt like the game has been trying to make me feel that way. It's pitted me very specifically against Kagha, but not against the druid grove as a whole.

To be honest, natureboy, you just come off as one of the handful of people here who are fundamentally racist against tieflings on principle, and are resenting that the refugees in this picture are being painted in a sympathetic light (because, what do you know – they're dispossessed refugees fleeing the near destruction of their former home and who have now been ostracised from it for nothing more than their appearance and race), and are also tieflings.