Yeah but that's my point. Today, in many Star Wars video game and stories, Imperials aren't so evil anymore. Gone are the days when this was true: the Empire is full of evil people to be sure, but it rules through fear, people are cowed into evil because they live under a regime that normalizes it. This is actually a important aspect of the lore because its the actual manifestation of the conflict between the dark and light sides of the force, as the Empire's power grows it's influence on the people of the galaxy does so as well, and with that so does the dark side."

The directions Star Wars is heading in is that sure there were leaders in the Empire who were evil, but there were also many people who served the Empire who didn't realize just how bad it was. Take the Battlefront 2 video game.
She becomes a good guy and joins the Rebels after learning just how bad the Empire really is during Operation Cinder.
. There are more and more Star Wars stories like this popping up. Even look know how they are humanizing Boba Fett. He was once this terrible ruthless cold-blooded mercenary bounty hunter, and now they're turning him into someone who wants to rule with respect in Jabba's place. What the crap is that? He was one of the most iconic villains. He was ruthless and the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, and now they are turning him into a good guy.

As for the Hutts, you are right. They made a vast majority of them gangsters. It is rare to find a Hutt in any story that isn't a vile gangster. I did always think that was stupid. I created a Force using Hutt one time while playing the Star Wars RPG. Now that was fun. The players also seem to like it a lot. This big old Hutt wielding a lightsaber and lifting things with the Force. Slow as could be, but quite effective nevertheless because the Force was his ally.

Anyway, I felt guilty at first killing goblin kids, but then I thought about it and realized that they are little monsters who eat people. So then I was fine with it. Still, just the fact that they do exist in the game does make it a bit of a moral question that springs up in your mind whether you want it to or not. I'm okay with them leaving it in the game because they are flesh eating monsters, but I certainly wouldn't mind if they took it out so that people don't have to have some sort of moral conscience issue when playing a video game. It's one thing to murder a bunch of goblin warriors and such. It's another thing to kill kids even if they are monsters.