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One of the worst things Star Wars did was start making this same mistake. What was fun in the original movies was that the Empire was evil and bad. The Rebels were good. What was so fun was that Stormtroopers were inhuman bad guys you could kill without remorse, like shooting endless armies of battle droids. Luke Skywalker killed millions of Imperials by blowing up the Death Star, and it was awesome because he killed millions of bad guys.

Then they made the Empire maybe not so bad, humanizing Stormtroopers and making it all more realistic. Suddenly, Stormtroopers were people with families and such. Imperials might be people just fighting for legit peace and justice. They just aren't on the side of the Rebels. So who's bad or good anymore?

And just like that, it's not as much fun because now a single Stormtrooper death makes one wonder. Did I kill someone good who is just not on my side with my agenda? Where once I could run around in my backyard shooting stormtroopers for pretend and hacking them all down with a lightsaber and I'd feel like a superhero, now I must question the morality of my fantasy story. Was Luke actually the good guy or the bad guy? He murdered millions with one shot. These were people who had no say whatsoever about the decision of some murder hobo Moff. They were government employees just trying to work for a living.

Now, all my childhood heroes are villains because people want to make the fantasy story more realistic. Han, Luke, Leia... They're now all murderers butchering innocent people just because they want democracy instead of a monarchy.

My interest in the Star Wars franchise sharply dropped when...

...The Empire started to become more "misunderstood" and less "malicious".

...The Republic (Old or New, take your pick) became surprisingly corrupt or even no better than The Empire.

...the Jedi became religious fundamentalists terrified of the prospect of losing their influence.

..."The Force" was split into "The Light Side of The Force" and "The Dark Side of The Force" and darkness somehow became equally as important; this is probably my biggest bugaboo with modern Star Wars. The "Dark Side" is a corrupting presence one needs about as much as an otherwise healthy individual needs a concentration of cancerous cells.

Most of these changes began and remained in the Expanded Universe, but some of them have been brought to the silver screen and/or smaller screens (i.e., over media streaming services).

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This is not reality. That's why it's fun.

I have no love for real monarchies, though my characters would support a just king and a peaceable kingdom.

I have no desire to scavenge cemeteries, loot mausoleums or plumb crypts, though my characters will explore such places and likely obtain treasure from them at some point.

I have never considered traveling into primeval forests while armed, armored and laden with supplies in search of purpose, though my characters engage in this sort of behavior on a regular basis.

I have little bravery, though my characters will battle all manner of mundane animals and mythological monsters while holding fast to their courage.

I have no religious belief, though my characters worshiped and will worship gods.

--- --- ---

At a certain point and on some level, learning how to differentiate between the romanticized adventures you explore with others and the realities you must take into account in order to live a healthy life becomes vital.

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As for tieflings, yeah. Never evil. Neeshka from Neverwinter Nights 2 was the first tiefling I ever encountered. Never evil. Mischievous and devious, maybe, with a splash of moral ambiguity, yes, but not evil. There's quite a difference. Never were they man-eating vile murderous monsters as a race.

The original Tiefling Alignment was "Any Neutral or Evil", so it was theoretically possible to find a Tiefling upholding the law (Lawful Neutral) in addition to a Tiefling that just wanted to be left alone (Neutral -> "Live and let live."). Outright heroic Tieflings were out, unless you counted "heroic by comparison" (i.e., any being of Neutral Alignment is heroic when compared to those that are Evil).

3e's Tieflings were "Usually evil". Good-aligned Tieflings became possible, though they were generally malevolent.

Now that it's hip to play a character demonic in appearance, however, they're pretty much any Alignment and not predisposed to any particular (im)moral or (un)ethical behavior. Over the course of their published history, Tieflings were typically Evil, infrequently Neutral and rarely Good.

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