I was referring to expanded universe books and comics for Star Wars. Before KOTOR, there were many EU publications that started to move towards the whole "Bad is not necessarily bad" thing.

The irony is that Lucas said he originally created Star Wars as a black/white story of good vs. evil. The original intent was good is good and bad is bad. The Empire was to be like Space Nazis, and the Rebels were fighting against the evil regime.

But people started moving it further and further from the original intent, making it just like so many other stories; everything is gray and there is no such thing as good and evil.

And D&D is doing the same thing. It started as you play a hero vanquishing evil and saving people. Even if you played a Raistlin character (from Dragonlance), you still were a hero fighting evil.

Now, you can be the bad guy if you want. You don't need to be a hero at all. You could even play a flesh eating orc or whatever and go around being totally bad. Although that allows for more variety and freedom, it turns the original concept of the game on its head, making it gray and confused and muddled and a bit too real for my tastes.

But, unfortunately, that's how the majority like it, it seems.