Oh, dear... I started playing D&D in 1979, 2 years after they expanded to D&D and AD&D, and likely years before you were born.

1. My comments about Tieflings in BG2 and the 3.0 and expansions Monster Manual were part of a discussion with "Scales and Fangs" about how D&D depictions of "monsters" have evolved with and between different versions of D&D. Please cite a quotation from my.post where I claimed or suggested that BG3 is an attempt to depict 3.0 "monsters", or is based on 3.0 depictions of "monsters". I'm well aware that 3.0 does not equal either 4.0 or 5e, even if in your rush to judgement you assumed otherwise.

2. I killed Arabella's parents, Dammon, Zevlor, Tilsis, Asharak, the members of Dammon's caravan (who went hostile after I killed Dammon to test the responses of the Druids), and other Tieflings near Arron. After I killed Zevlor and Tilsis, but before I killed other Tiefs, I spoke to Kagha; she grinned and said: "Then you should have no difficulty in dealing with the rest of them". The Druids that YOU claim are guards are under HER rule, most support her, and their reaction to killing Tieflings is an example of unchanged and obsolete scripting, NOT their role as guards. Kagha WANTS you to kill off the Tieflings, but the coders haven't rescripted the Druids. By cheating and boosting my Druid's charisma to 30, I was able to pass every persuasion check, and those bloody Tiefling corpses lay where they fell, as the other Tiefs and Druids went about their scripted business.

3. I also killed off a Xvart settlement in self defense after Gaider deliberately railroaded me into getting too close to their home in BG1, wiped out the entire Drow city of Ust N'atha after a bug caused the inhabitants to turn hostile before Matron Mother Ardulace's summoning ritual (even Solaufein turned hostile and attacked my party), and rescripted and rewrote BG2 so that my party members remained with me after I told Imoen to shove it. I also rescripted the game so that she did not respawn at the Copper Coronet afterwards, and so that I could kill Saemon Havarian. In a fit of murderous glee, I wiped out Candlekeep's inhabitants, from Firebead Elvenhair to Phylidia with my mana augmented mage, until Gorion justifiably killed me with a non legit spell that the devs gave him to stop murderous player psychopaths like me who KILL. INNOCENT. PEOPLE.

In real life, I'm a loving husband and father of 2 who saves hundreds of otherwise doomed wild birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians each year, and teaches hundreds of students about biology and mathematics annually. So go hang me from a tree because "You. KILLED INNOCENT. PEOPLE."

4. I lived in and grew up in over 39 different nations and also in former colonies that were still colonies when I lived there. The difference between living in and growing up in different societies is that a formative child or adolescent is more readily influenced by growing up in different cultures, but an adult with a fairly open mind can observe things that children and adolescents usually overlook or fail to understand. I observed the effects of colonialism and colonial mindsets and how they harm former colonies and persist after independence. I also observed firsthand how differing rates of street and organized crime (thieves' guilds) and government corruption affect societies. I despise thieves, and routinely download and install mods that let me destroy them and their guild members. Contrary to Gaider's insistence, Imoen is my cousin only because we are the offspring of Bhaal; I always played BG1 and BG2 as an Elven Bhaalspawn, so she is less my 'cousin' than any of hundreds of Elven and Drow Bhaalspawn. I hated colonial minded self hater regime change Lanaya, and greatly admired fiercely independent, traditional knowledge preserving, Shemlen defying Zathrian. Gaider has a serious problem with highly intelligent, highly educated people (usually male mages), and loves dumb, infantile, mediocre, easily deceived people such as Alistair ("Goooolllddaaaannnaa!") and Imoen. He also is a blatant misogynist (see Anora's senseless MANIPULATIVE treachery after you free her from inprisonment), but let's pretend he isn't.

5. You are so blinded by instinctive anger that you can't distinguish between manipulation and forcing choices. I also see little ability on your part to read carefully or recognize nuance and complexity. BG 3 rarely forces choices, but even with the many improvements in patch 6, they still manipulate players far more than the Elder Scrolls and Pathfinder/Owlcat games do. Your anger is resentment over a newcomer who has disturbed an established and fairly stable existing order in which you occupy a prominent position, by posting a "wall of text" rant. It's a rant, and so was your response. Any online gamer runs into the same anger from established players high in the power hierarchy after joining a new server. It's the same in all of the more intelligent social animals and it's in our genes.

6. In patch 6, you DO NOT need to steal the Idol of Silvanus to save Gale. He was alive and kicking after receiving only 2 magical items from my Druid when he was killed by an undetected trap near the Selune statue under the Shattered Sanctum. My complaint was that as a Druid, I could not castigate him for making such an offensive request. It's called I-M-M-E-R-S-I-O-N and lore fidelity.

7. Larian has multiple writers for BG3, of varying ability, and values and perspectives. Most of the heavy handed writing results from efforts to quickly change unpopular subplots and companion personalities. They can do better, and they can do worse. Their patch 6 changes to Nettie (my favorite character in the game so far, I liked her better than Halsin) are great. Their painfully forced and badly written "Kagha's revelation and redemption" subplot is awful.

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