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Wow. I don't need to do all that. Once I modded a save, I play the game, save like normal, dismiss no one, and I'm fine... Except for the above mentioned game crashes. Lol.

I've made it work on original save as well as ones I had way into the game. The only one it won't work with is my party of 4 custom characters.

Either way, it's a pain. It would be 1,000 times better to NOT have to mod.

If I was only playing 1 main character, I could do it that way too. But I'm playing 3 MCs and 3 companions. The trouble is that 2 of my chosen companions are the last 2 I can recruit. So I swap out Gale for Lae'zel, and Astarion for Wyll. It wouldn't let me swap companions with a different save. And I plan on dumping Lae'zel before I go into the Underdark.

Also on the mod's comment page, they tell you only to edit the 1st auto-save of a playthrough, that it doesn't work with other saves most of the time. I definitely wish a 5 or 6 member party was an option. Who knows, maybe for full release?

Edited to add: So I tried to rest with all 6 party members, the game got stuck. I couldn't complete the rest and I couldn't leave camp either.

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