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I realize society is changing. My point is just that the more you make everything gray, the less the story is about good vs. evil. The less the story is about good versus evil, the more real it becomes and the more complicated and less simple and just plain fun.
I am someone who greatly prefers shades of grey. For me black and white is just boring. If I already know what is going to happen then I don't see the point of playing the game unless I have absolutely nothing else to do. I get no enjoyment out of being told what path to follow, plus there is absolutely no replayability if there is only the one "correct" way to do things. With shades of grey, each decision can lead to different things and I can immerse myself in my character better because there are more options to grow and change.

I especially don't like it when the black and white is due to people trying to force current real world views into fiction without understanding that they need to see the fictional world from the viewpoint of someone living in it, and even from the different types of viewpoints in the world rather than just the one they agree with the most. Looking from the different perspectives would make many things shades of grey.

I see the real world in the terms of good and evil, with very little gray area. Which is why I prefer my entertainment to have little good and evil, with many shades of gray. The Infinity War being an exception. One of my top 10 favorite sci-fi series was Continuum. Here you had terrorists who killed thousands of innocents. But as the story unfolded, it wasn't all that black and white. The "terrorists" were fighting an oppressive corporate dictatorship. In the real world I have no tolerance for terrorists, they're evil and need to be wiped out. But in that sci-fi series, I actually sympathized with what they were fighting for. I still hated most of their methods though, shades of gray.

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As for the goblin and tiefling kids, I think both should be able to be killed, but maybe it should be a clear decision you have to make since it is apparently bothersome or offensive for some people. The choice to kill them or not would be correct or incorrect from any point of view - black, white, and grey.

I'm playing an "evil playthrough" my next time, where I'm going to side with the Goblins. It will be my 1st time, I've always sided with the Tieflings, even with my morally gray characters. So I'm not as well informed as some of you; but there is a video from WolfheartFPS on YouTube, where he sides with the Goblins. In the video he goes into a house during the Goblin attack. It's full of Tiefling children, he wipes them out. He kept saying how bad he felt, while he was killing them. So you can kill them, just I guess only during the attack. I won't kill children in a game period; whether Goblin, Tiefling, or Martian. Though I love my entertainment gray, I just can't do it.