Agree. I can play characters that are evil if they are charming or charismatic. Or self serving ones if they are witty or super cool or or have an interesting back story. Or even horror-show turd munchers if the writing is amazing (Disco Eleysium). Ie, I need *something* to like.

And if there is a morality gut punch, then it needs to be worth it. Like KOTOR2. I came so close to being swayed by Krei’s darkside arguments, which almost seemed like a more honest continuation of Jolee Bindo’s reasonable grey jedi stance. Then baam…I find out the real result of what such actions cost my character in the first place ! So good (loved that game).

Killing wee’uns just…because? They steal too much or reproduce too quickly? Nah. Not a compelling enough narrative reason to sell my digital soul! Lol

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