+ 1 for giving us options to kill children. I do not enjoy it but it does happen. Many reasons for that. It can trigger some conflicts in character or stir some emotions in the players.

It's also part of D&D. By the way, how do you think a drow clan exterminates a whole other clan?

In addition it is something that has happened a lot in human history. Sacking a city, overthrowing a dynasty. Why should you wear pink glasses all the time?

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I just replayed the Nettie scene trying out the disrespectful options in patch 6. Nettie doesn't try to secretly poison the PC even if they are rude or hostile. The player is given the option of recognizing the plant as toxic, but Nettie will refer to it's use only as what she as "a last resort" if the player choses to kill themselves. She will follow on her earlier dialog of asking for the player's oath and taking her Wyvern Poison IF CONVENTIONAL ceremorphosis starts. If they refuse after 2 requests, she will turn hostile. Big improvement!

Thanks for the info!

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