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People get upset for the most insignificant, nonsense reasons, and if we take out anything and everything that may make someone feel bad, we'll not have any game left by the end.
This. Some really great things have been ruined in other games I have played because offended people complained too much.

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or someone who hates thieves and wants to see them all executed or is following orders in a combat situation
Oh yes, orders ... the oldest excuse in the world. laugh
I mentioned the following orders part for the people who feel bad to be able to use it as an excuse. smile
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That was the original point ...
Either allow us to attack both, or none ... but dont make system differences just bcs you want us to hate one side and simpatize with the other ... its cheap, its lame, and we dislike it. :P
I agree both groups should be equally killable
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Maybe they could change it so they run out a side tunnel instead of getting reinforcements? Just throwing out ideas that should give options for both the kill and no kill types. I do not care one way or the other personally.
I dislike this option honestly ...
Would rather see something like this than to have the option to kill them completely removed because some people have a problem with it.

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I'd argue that the idea that "they're monsters because they're monsters" is even more likely to make things boring and homogenous.
Have to agree with this. It is boring to know that you will kill something because it is a monster. If I wanted that I would be playing pve in an MMO. For any rpg type games I want to have to think about my actions and have "nice monsters" sometimes to break up the tedium of always killing them.