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if they're sapient, then they can want things other than just to kill people, and if they can want things other than that, then it's possible to negotiate and come to agreements with them.
So many examples from our own history come to my mind right now. laugh

You know you would potentialy be right, IF and only if both sides would be even willing to negotiate ...
Take Drow for example, or Githyanki ... no matter the situation, they both see themselves as superior to anyone and anything ... why would they even bother with negotiating? laugh

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Would rather see something like this than to have the option to kill them completely removed because some people have a problem with it.
Well i would rather see this as it is ...
After all, as mentioned abowe (and i also compeltely agree) once we start removing things bcs someone could get offended, or feel uncomfortable around that ... we can aswell cancel whole game. :-/

But yes, as a matter of some middle ground it is acceptable ...
Even tho i still believe that fact that they are calling for reinforcements give your benevolence to keep them alive the right value ... you know what it will cost, but you spare them anyway. :P smile

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I'd be willing to bet that, when we do finally get our "zombie apocalypse", some of the posters here will be out protesting for zombie rights. rpg003
Do you know World of Darkness setting?
Especialy Vampire: The Masquerade?

Basic rule of game says that Vampires are suppose to hide their supernatural powers from humans.
But there are groups (usualy descendant of old inquisitors) that know about their existence and fight against them ... in older rulesets people often asted why Society of Leopold (Vampire hunters group, one of those more sucessfull) never revealed existence of supernatural to the world ...

Just recently (2 or 3 years back i believe?) they released 5v of rules, where this question is finaly answered. laugh
They are equaly affraid of mass panic and people who would be fighting for their rights, and willingly offer themselves as a meal ... wich would both make their job much harder. laugh

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown