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So many examples of (literal) monsters in our own history? Fascinating. I'll continue to harp on the inability to differentiate between reality and fantasy.
You should start reading whole post ... you know, including that quoted part. wink


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I find it hard to buy into “goblins are pure evil and a scourge and should always be destroyed”. They just seem like a warrior society with questionable morals (canabilism? Yech)
Im not aware that goblins are camnibals ... O_o
They were only eating other speacies after all.

Or at least i dont recall even single example of Goblin eating another Goblin, or at least Goblinoid ... they were supposedly roasting Dwarf (i mean you can still take it as if they are roasting Pork, and just messing with you), and were talking about eating PC (Human/Elf/...), and Halsin (whom they considered a bear). smile

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