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That really all depends on how you play DnD. I would argue that AL (Adventurer's League - Wizards official organized league play for DnD) is far more analogous to a CRPG than the standard homebrew campaign as everyone knows or has access to the details of the approved adventures (or adventure in this case) and can plan for and build around what magic items they intend to encounter.
Are you saying that AL players know the adventure module and thus can look up what items (and NPCs and quests and dungeons etc) they'll encounter, or that they're specifically given knowledge about potential loot but not other adventure information besides generic plot hooks relevant to backgrounds? Because the former - reading adventure modules before playing them - sounds like cheating to me.

Not so much reading them (though that is possible if you buy the modules - and while I agree with it being "cheating" how is that any different than looking up all the game details online for a CRPG) but after you've played them once you know them... kind of like a CRPG, yet there is always replayability with other characters and parties... kind of like a CRPG.

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