Yeah, but the point that has already explained multiple times across the months is that this "+9" is applied mostly on character that will use INT as a secondary stat (where its benefits are vastly reduced) because no one who will have it as a primary will want to rely on it. Both because the native stat will climb even higher than that value (and bonuses don't stuck, so a mage with base INT at 12 and the circlet who will spend two stat points on int will go up to 14, not 20) AND because chances are they'll want special items that do more than just raising the base stat in that slot.

In case people forgot, there are supposed to be "stat setting items" that are even more powerful at higher level ranges. Chances are we will cross even stuff like "Belt of the giant" setting STR at 20+ or similar shit.
And yes, they ARE meant to be powerful. But you can't exactly call them game-breaking.

"Man, I could have made my warrior with STR at 8 if I know about that belt". But that would also mean: 1) going half of the game with a useless character 2) missing the chance to have a competent warrior AND another companion with an increased STR stat later on (i.e. a cleric or Paladin).

Also, worries about people "relying on knowing these items exist to plan their builds" are hilarious, because THAT'S EXACTLY THE POINT and one of the most entertaining things to do in these games in subsequent playthroughs after the first one: leveraging your knowledge of the game to take advantage of it as much as possible.

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