I don't see why people keep rbinging up EK. The best spells for EK don't get any benefit from intelligence. Shield and absorb elements for level 1. They don't exist in bg3 yet which makes EK a useless subclass. You're always better off using an attack instead of a spell for damage as an EK. Except if you really need to hit.. then you have magic missile which also doesn't care about your intelligence..

Even for wizards, thanks to the sapphire spark you don't really need intelligence in this game. MM is your best damage spell easily at level 1, then for level 2 spells you have Cloud of Daggers.. which does about the same amount of damage as the buffed MM but in an aoe instead of single target. So you're better off giving your wizard high dex and con, giving them a light crossbow to use instead of cantrip when they're out of spell slots, and just use the spells I mentioned above. - Also healing word and aid once you get the scrolls for them sicne you can cast cleric spells as a wizard in this game..

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