Just want to add my opinion on the current implementation of mage hand here, instead of creating a new thread:

I don't mind much that the hand can do things like shove people, which it cannot do per D&D rules as far as I know, although it is a cantrip, and shoving is very powrful at the moment because of the pronounced verticality of the game. Therefore mage hand shoving might be a little powerful? Food for thought.

I am however very disappointed that the hand cannot currently do the things it is mostly used for in actual tabletop sessions: opening chests and crates, and pulling levers. I really hope this will be changed, as it would add a lot in terms of options to creatively solve problems (e.g. opening trapped chests).

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The fact it it can't operate the crane/platform controls in Grymforge, or the lava wheel during the Grym boss fight is ridiculous!

these are great examples!

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