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I am really enjoying using Lae’zel this time through as an Eldritch Knight for a change of pace. It gives her more variety instead of just “pound with sword” (not that I don’t enjoy that as well). I enjoy having someone on the front lines with a decent intelligence (from Headband of Intellect) that can decently use the Ring of Color Spray and touch range spells and scrolls. I suppose that I could still do that with her with items and scrolls as a Battlemaster with the Headband of Intellect, but then I feel as if I’m wasting an opportunity to use her Battlemaster skills. For me, making her an Eldritch Knight forces me to think differently about how she responds in different situations. I am enjoying it, which is the whole point.

That's cool.. but color spray is equally effective regardless of your intelligence, and that ring grants it to any character who has the ring. Your point about it not feeling liek a wastesince you don't have battlemaster maneuvers which would normally be better just shows battlemaster is the better subclass.

You can play how you like, that's fine.. but my point is that headband of intellect isn't overpowered in baldurs gate 3 (at the moment - things may change by the end of EA or when it's released) because if you're making use of it, then you're not really playing optimal builds. It may make a bad build okay.. but it doesn't make a good build OP the same way items like sapphire spark and flinds flail do.