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And none of it requires assuming that a sapient race is just evil.

It's not an assumption. Take your pick ->

They're evil because they were created by an evil god.
They're evil because they were formed from "immoral residue" that was cast off when the world was young and still changing.
They're evil because they were tainted by corrupting magic.
They're evil because...they're evil. Hooray for the tautology: steadfast savior of escapism.

And as I've said a couple times before, all of those things other than the last one are justifications I'm totally fine and happy with, you won't see me complaining about those first three. Again, I point out the various races of devils, the corruption inherent in becoming a Lich. Furthermore, if a game sends me to kill a tribe of orcs that have recently raided and destroyed a small village, I'm not gonna raise moral complaints, because they did something evil. If I enconter a goblin that has been lurking in the sewers of a city, mugging and killing remorselessly for food, I'm also not gonna feel bad about killing them. You can have unquestionably evil antagonists without resorting to tautalogical "evil because this species is evil and there's no other justification why" language. And frankly, those first three ideas are all way more interesting and imply really cool lore stuff that I almost always love to get into, whereas evil because evil is dull and kinda lazy from a creative standpoint. And again, I will counter the notion of escapism being just one thing that requires some specific things to count as escapism, which you're implying whether you intend to or not.

Ultimately though, I respect that you have your opinion and that it differs from mine. As I've said before, your approach to enjoying games is valid and doesn't make you stupid or dubious.