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"Young goblins were taught from an early age to rely only on themselves, and that to survive, they needed to be aggressive and ruthless."

So, most are evil like their adults. Therefore, killing goblin young is killing evil young.

Hmmm…so they are *taught* to be evil. This implies the evil is learned, not innate. As does the fact that some goblins can be civilized. Based on this…I am definitely going to try not to kill goblin kiddos unless I play a char that hates all gobbos (like Wyll). It is interesting that we come to opposite conclusions reading the same text! Lol

As I understand what u posted…even in DnD lore, they are not considered pure evil. They just are conditioned by their innate poor tempers and cultural pack-like norms to do evil things. At least, that is how I read this.

They are not like, say, orcs in Tolkien who are innately evil from corruption.

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