Greetings one and all,
my first point to make is simple: Love what you are doing and what you are attempting to do! Keep at it!
Now for the nit-picking. I am curious about the cinematics employed. Firstly, the early scenes onboard the Nautiloid. The last character-centred cinematic prior to crashing on the beach, your character hangs precariously from the control panel. Gripping stuff - no pun intended. My thought was the other characters. Is there any reason why the other figures cannot be manipulated in basic ragdoll fashion to reflect the physics that the main protagonist undergoes? For instance, in my play throughs I see Lae'zel, Shadowheart, a Cambion and an Illithid just standing around whilst I am thrown about the cabin. If it's an issue of processor versus effect, then I can understand. But small inconsistencies are often what seperate a truly great game from the rank and file. Several other cinemtacs suffer similar fate, with the main character reacting (as focus of the graphics) whilst they stand in the background and do nothing.
Also, the fact that you blatantly openly display Astarion's Vampiric nature, Wyll's demonic pact and Gale' state in your artwork, completely negates the whole intriguing backstory search. Although graphically, these characters are enticing and can be explored in great detail through the retail version when available, it currently "spoils" some of the surprises - not all, by any stretch of the imagination, but I do feel the revelation of these characters/companions closer to release date would have been more enticing consumer-wise.
I have logged only 45 hours but am nowhere near finishing Act 1, let alone the rest. I tend to replay areas and scenarios with different combinations to see how things could be different. I will be intrigued to see how further character classes and races may be offered as we go forth.

An awesome game to date and a great experience all round. Can't wait to see what comes next.