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They are man-sized and almost or equally as intelligent as an average human...yet still a "kid".

Right, that's why I specified "as long as it acts/talks like a kid". Or a teenager. If a hatchling acts like we would expect an adult, then yeah, less people will have a problem with killing it, but that's to be expected. If someone can't recognize a kid as a kid, they won't treat it like they would a kid.

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Now the special thing about planar energy is that it only really affects people when they are on that plane, or are near a planar incursion involving that plane, so some of the transformed people might have had an alignment change, but it's just as likely that that alignment change was reverted when they came back to the material, even if their appearance wasn't. There are many planes that work like this, they change you while you are on that plane, but leaving that plane will revert some of the changes, it's why traveling the planes is serious business, there's the possibility that you won't be the same person on your return trip.

Ah, I didn't know that, it definitely changes things. I stll think taking away alignment restrictions makes tieflings blander ('vaguely fiend flavoured' is an apt description), but it makes more sense.

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