I tend to see alignment through the eyes of society and or the PC. A dragon, Orc, Goblin amongst themselves may be considered an honorable warrior, etc; however, they may look at other or “lesser” races as rivals for resources or even as a resource. For an extreme example, amongst us humans we may consider someone as “good” but a cow being raised for food would see us a bad. A Goblin that eats other sentient beings, may be a good provider for it’s clan and a hero.

A white dragon may not be innately evil per say, but will see other beings like a cat sees a rat. To the rat the cat is evil, to cat the rat is food.

An aasimar may tend towards good but one that feels betrayed by their patron god could very well be a darker shade of evil than basically an evil born Tiefling. And the reverse is true of a Tiefling. Humm may have to create an oath of the ancient Tiefling now…

I personally don’t mind beings that are innate in alignment, but I love redemption and execration story lines.

To quote the great sage Paarthurnax smile

“What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”

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