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@dwig. It's not about agreeing or disagreeing. I'm talking about foundational story elements. In D&D, goblins are evil because they are aligned with evil. They do evil things BECAUSE evil courses through their veins. To NOT do evil goes against their nature.

The difference is that irl, our nature isn't driving us to be evil. We choose it. In D&D, alignment drives good and evil. It is like the light and dark sides of the Force except entire races can be aligned to one side or the other.
Was M'Khiin evil?
In the Forgotten Realms, goblins are evil due to the fact that they grew up in an imperialistic and militaristic society whose main goal is conquest in the name of Maglubiyet. And they are also in positions of cannon fodder and laborers, so yes, under such conditions they became the insidious opportunists that we know.

I believe M'Khiin was true neutral. So not exactly good. It's kinda like, at best, she managed to resist her evil alignment enough to graduate from neutral evil to true neutral, but she certainly wasn't good.

And again, goblins are evil due to being attuned to evil alignment. By nature, they desire to do evil, just like chromatic dragons.